Well, it has been an intense semester. It has been, by far, the most trying since I began nursing school. As I talk about this with people lately, I can also say wholeheartedly that it has been my favorite so far as well. While my schedule has been full to the brim with studying, classes, clinical times, and doing my best to stay sane and healthy amidst it all… I have really enjoyed the experiences. I have had such rich, full, challenging, infuriating, heartbreaking, growth inducing times in the hospital and within relationships cultivated at school. The three clincals: Psych, Pediatrics, and Adult were completely different worlds… Psych consisted of getting to spend a lot of time “therapeutically communicating” to patients in Parkland and Zale Lipshy hospitals. The schizophrenic patients were the most entertaining and fun to talk with. The clinically depressed and bipolar patients were the most challenging, but most rewarding to try to build rapport with…     Working with kids was really fun and heartbreaking at the same time. There’s just something that seems especially wrong about a young child being in a very ill state. Whereas with adults it is, at times more cognizantly (sp?) acceptable for us to be in a compromised state… I mean, it just happens sometimes. We age, our bodies being to deteriorate, and we eventually die. Ya know? I could write a lot more about this and other things in this regard.

It is wonderful to live in Denton and have Laura close by. Coming home and being able to ride my bike or drive pretty much anywhere I need to go within 5 minutes or so is priceless. Also, the community here is very rich and becomes more so with each passing week. As I become more a part of my church and get to know the people in my life better, I am continually blessed by them and their lives.

Being in a home group and building relationships with people older than me that have been “around the bend” a few more times is awesome on multiple levels. It is challenging, frustrating, wisdom-giving… I cherish having someone older to go to and spend time with very much- someone who will criticize me where I need it and challenge me with scripture. It is gold. And for this, again, I am very very thankful.

As usual, I am procrastinating while I write this. Need to be studying… Almost finished! Final on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday then freeeeeeedom!

Sunset view out the window I am sitting by (in the Hydrant Coffee Shop):


New post!

Right now, I am sitting on the 3rd floor in the TWU (denton campus) library. I really enjoy studying here. It’s really big and nice and quiet… AND I don’t have to feel guilty about not buying a coffee (as opposed to when I decide to study at banter or the hydrant or somethin’).

The third semester of nursing school has been busy to an incredible degree. Overall I am enjoying it though. I cannot believe that I am basically half-way through with it. Feels like it just started. Crazy how quickly time flies when the days are full.

I love living in Denton again. I don’t miss Dallas a bit- I mean, I have to be there nearly everyday for school anyway so…what’s to miss? I do, however, miss my old roommates and our german shepherd, Diego. I am hoping that one day I will be able to have one of his puppies. (He is the good looking  pup in the below picture-click on them to make them bigger)

Also, there is a picture of some of my old roommates and I playing poker on one of our “man nights” in July. Man nights usually consisted of delicious brats, beer, poker, lots of laughing, loudly expelling gas from various bodily orifices, etc…

The other pictures are of Laura and I. The black/white one is from last September when we went down to Austin for ACL and the color one is more recently at her parents’ house- one night that we were practicing music to play in church the next day.

Speaking of…yesterday, church was awesome. Matt talked about Gospel community and all it involves as well as things that serve to kill it. You can download all the sermons for free from the website. I highly recommend it. I was reflecting though the other day on how amazingly graced my life is. In this community, church, work, friends, special friend( Laura : ) ), school… I am insanely and immensely blessed! He has given me strength to get through school lately and to not go insane, wonderful people to carpool down to Dallas with, allowed Laura and I to be able to live 7 minutes drive from each other, I have a job that is flexible and works with my schedule, I have an incredible family that is supportive of me and prays for me daily, I… could keep going. I am blessed way beyond what I deserve. I have a savior that came and DIED for me. Sheesh.

I am hoping that my roots are growing down deep in Him during this time of plenty so that when famine/storms/valleys of the shadow of death come- my foundation will be firm and unshaken, my hope will be in Christ alone, and my trust will be in His all-sustaining Word. If it holds “all things together”, then I am confident it will hold little me and my life together as well 🙂

Goooooooooood times procrastinating!

Really really. How did I get here? Right now I am sitting on Laura’s couch next to her as she is reading C.S. Lewis’s Out of the Silent Planet – she assured me she is studied up enough for her final tomorrow. She’ll prove it by making a 100. That’s the deal.

11 months ago yesterday, Laura agreed to go on what would be our first date- to Food for Thought- a local favorite here in Waco. Afterwards we went to the dam (pictured in the previous post). It was an incredible time I will never forget…

I am floored that eleven months have passed so quickly. I am equally astounded each day at how blessed I am to have such a brilliant, beautiful, wise, patient, challenging, best “special” friend, encourager, and conduit of God’s love in my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Can’t say it enough. 

Also, I could write a book about all the comings and goings and events of this past month…  It has been amazing. And I’m excited about what is next in July and August. 

So rich am I.

June (and some other randomized favorites)! 

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;

Praise Him, all creatures here below;

Praise Him above, ye heav’nly host;

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

It has been nearly an eternity since I last posted. Man. Oh well. No way I’m going to be able to catch up and fill in all that’s happened since the last time…    At least not in one post anyway. 

So, the one with Laura was taken several months back (notice the warm looking puffy coat) with a young lad of a turtle we endearingly named Yoda. More recently (notice I have a t-shirt on), in Colleyville we spotted a much larger turtle on the side of the road and stopped to make sure it didn’t need any help. While we didn’t name this one, I did extract a harmful leech(picture not included – don’t want to scare the younger audience) from the hind portion of its shell, and returned it to a safe spot at a nearby stream. Earlier this morning, I was riding my bike to Cameron Park, and nearly ran over what I think was yet another box turtle. This guy (or girl…i’m not sure) was in the process of making his way through the Vietnam memorial garden that is near the suspension bridges that people like to toss tortillas off of sometimes… My initial knee-jerk reaction was to pick it up and take it with me somehow ( i had my backpack on afterall), and bring it to a safe place in the park where we could read together and it wouldn’t accidentally wander into the road where it could very easily be crushed by the a passing motorist or expert cyclist like myself. After a second though, I decided I should let it continue on in its tour of the memorial and trust it to make wise traveling decisions.

Anyway. It has been a season of turtles and a plethora of other things, but this is all I want to write for now.

My perception of the passage of time is something that I tend to notice and focus on quite frequently. Lately, the weeks seem to fly by so quickly. I feel like I just began nursing school a few months ago, yet I am weeks away from finishing my first YEAR of this journey. I still don’t know what is next exactly, but I am content to wait and trust and know that God is there, in my future, and will be there to shepherd me to the next season. 

Recently noticed that I enjoy the operating room a lot. Watching surgeries has been one of coolest things, hands down, that I have experienced. One downside to working there (i can assume) is that you don’t get to interact with patients as closely (well, when they are conscious anyway). Hmm. The coolest thing however: Over the past month I have seen new life enter into the world for the first time! I was floored by this. I can’t describe the way I felt when I listened to a babies heart and breathing sounds mere seconds out of the womb…I still don’t have words really to explain. I was second person to ever touch this new life. It was so vibrant and wild, yet helpless and in distress…Sometimes the poetry doesn’t come so easily. And that’s okay. 

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. The creation waits in eager expectation for the people of God to be revealed. For creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God.” Romans 8:18-22

A recurring thought I’ve had lately: Just the realization that inside the hospital, it really is a completely different world than the one I have been accustomed to. I can only project my own perceptions and thoughts upon the people outside at this point… But I know that before I came into  this season I am now in, if I drove by Dallas Presbyterian Hospital, I would have given the inside  little to no thought or reflection. Why is this so poignant to me right now? It’s hard to say exactly. But, in the past several months, I have witnessed for the first time- a level of pain, sorrow, despair, fear, sickness, helplessness; a decrepit, cancerous side of our world that I could have before, obliviously driven past- but now, have been forced to dip my cup into and take a big gulp. As I say this, I have a strong sense that I am only on the tip of an iceberg. It is sobering, eye-opening, painful, wonderful…

What is that verse… where darkness is, light much more abounds…? I believe this. But it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the pain one sees in a patients eyes, a lost insidious darkness behind a face, a hollow insincerity, a cold cynicism holding a scalpel and working a miracle… What can I do? It definitely takes some debriefing. I’m thankful to have a sincere and open heart to share these things with. 



There is so much to potentially write about that I am having a hard time starting this…

Life. I saw a lot of new life this morning. I went to my first ob clinical day at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital and was able to see about 15 beautiful newborn babies. Got there at 6:30am. That was kinda rough. A few people have asked me lately where I want to end up (in nursing). As of now, I don’t really know. Babies are cool. I don’t think I could be a labor and deliver nurse though. Nicu is pretty amazing but very sad. That’s where all the pre-mature/high-risk babies go for special attention.

So I don’t know. It’s okay though. It will all work out. It always does. I really like the heart I have noticed. I think it might be cool to work on a cardiac floor someday. We’ll see. I want to graduate first. That will be cool.

January 31st was Laura and I’s 6 month celebration. We had a good time driving all over Dallas, seeing a movie and having dinner at a sweet restaurant. Dinner and a movie sounds kinda cliche, but we don’t do it often… and anyway, it’s fun! I don’t care if it’s a typical date thing to do.

So, after taking an evaluation of the past six months…I think she’s pretty cool. I think I’ll keep her. Actually she is pretty wonderful. And I am super lucky to know her, much less be called “her’s”- I hope she keeps me:)

Completely serious though, reflecting over the past six months have been beyond words incredible and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead. Sometimes it is a little hard to live an hour and half apart, but again, I am super lucky to be able to see her as much as I do. Yepyep yep. I am blessed. It’s true.

These are some friends ( and one really special friend )

What are we going to say after “Oh-Nine”? Will we just say “ten”? “Eleven”? I guess so. It just sounds weird. We’ll get used to it over a decade I’m sure. And then we’ll be in the twenties again! Think about that!